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Social Media Cheat Sheet

Let’s spread the word about BNI Surrey Hills and how this unique networking hub can help local companies gain more business by joining our networking group.

This document provides a summary of key messages to share to your followers on social media as well as hints and tips for your social media posts.

About BNI Surrey Hills – Key messages

  • BNI Surrey Hills is part of BNI which is the most successful business referral organisation of its type in the world
  • BNI Surrey Hills was first established in 1995 and has a long and successful track record of effective, fast paced and informative meetings, with great networking
  • BNI Surrey Hills has 40 members, all in one room (virtually right now), regularly referring work
  • Over £2million of business shared last year, being part of BNI Surrey Hills is an opportunity not to be missed
  • BNI Surrey Hills meets every Thursday between 06:30-08:30
  • BNI Surrey Hills provides a structured and supportive business environment from start-ups through to larger more established companies
  • Every week members pass quality referrals, as well as share ideas and provide advice and support to one another

Social media

With over 370 followers on Facebook and 1,927 followers on Twitter, social media offers a great opportunity to spread the word of BNI Surrey Hills to a large number of people, encourage new members to join and a chance to have your business featured on these social feeds.

A new BNI Surrey Hills LinkedIn page has also recently been created which we encourage you to follow to help extend the reach of the network.

Each week we will share the featured presentation from the meeting to these 2,300+ followers.

We will also share regular updates to encourage people to join BNI Surrey Hills. Re-share these social posts to your social media followers too.

What to post?

Here are a few ideas for social posts that you can use on your own social channels to help encourage people to join our network.

  • Tag BNI Surrey Hills to help extend reach of your business and the networking group.
    • Twitter: @BNISurrey Hills
    • Facebook: @BNISurrey Hills
    • LinkedIn: @BNISurrey HillsChapter

As well as sharing social posts with the key messages listed at the beginning of this document, here’s suggested social posts to build awareness of BNI Sutton:  

  • If you’re up at 6:30am on a Thursday then why not join our BNI Surrey Hills Networking referral meetings? Around 30 People in the room, looking to find business for you. Last year alone we shared over £1m between the members in the room. To be part of this group, get in touch comms@bnisurreyhills.co.uk #BNI #BNISutton
  • For the chance to present your business to 30+ other quality local companies who passed over £1m of business between each other last year, book to attend our next BNISutton Meeting #BNI#Sutton #Croydon
  • BNI is the most successful business referral organisation of its type in the world. Join our BNI Surrey Hills networking group to meet 30 other quality local businesses. Get in touch comms@bnisurrey.co.uk #BNI#Sutton #Networking


Use relevant hashtags for BNI and your business. We recommend up to 3 hashtags on LinkedIn. You can usually add more if you are posting via Instagram and Facebook but keep them relevant.

  • #BNISurreyHills #BNI #SurreyHills #Croydon
  • #Networking #BusinessNetworking #NetworkingEvents #networkingbusiness #networkinggroups #networkingonline #BNINetworking #supportlocalbusinesses
  • #Business #Businessgrowth

Be image led

  • Here’s a link to some BNI images to help you create stand out on your feed when talking about the networking group.