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Marketing Script

As we all know the more members there are in a BNI chapter the more successful it is.

So BNI Surrey Hill’s core goal is to reach 40 members.

This can only be achieved if we invite more visitors.

So for the week prior to a featured presentation, we are looking to create a “stack day” for their target audience.

This will involve inviting people we know from that profession to the chapter.

One trusted way is to look for recommendations from Facebook or LinkedIn.

So the initial suggested post is on a community group to post

Can Anyone recommend a PROFESSION

Then from the responses to respond with a direct message if possible with a taloired version of the following script:

Hi, You were recommended / mentioned on Facebook that you are a PROFESSION in the local area. I am part of a business networking group that and recently it was mentioned that we specifically need a PROFESSION to pass some refferals too. Would you be interested in getting more refferals for your business and if so would you like to attend one of our meetings

Then if it a positive response:

Excellent, we meet at Oaks park golf club on Thursday mornings at 6:30 am. We have over 30 businesses in the room passing many refferals every week and passed around £2m of business last year. Can you make this Thursday?

Finaly, for any date you agree, get their email address and book them in using


Linda Gayle visitor inviting workshop