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Gaining Business
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Gaining Business
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Gaining Business
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BNI Surrey Hills – Business Networking In Surrey

Are you looking for more business? BNI Surrey Hills is part of BNI which is the most successful business referral organisation of its type in the world. Last year, members of BNI passed on more than 6.9 million referrals. The wisdom at the root of BNI is networking; you get to know and trust local business people so that business can pass effortlessly and effectively, benefiting all.

BNI Surrey Hills Chapter

BNI provides a structured and supportive business environment from start-ups through to larger more established companies. Every week members pass quality referrals, as well as sharing ideas and providing advice and support to one another.

Surrey Hills Business Networking

But Surrey Hills BNI isn’t just about passing business; it’s a great learning tool, helping individuals increase their skills in many areas of business including sales, marketing and effective communication. We learn from each other and there are also regular professional training sessions and workshops.

BNI Surrey Hills Benefits

Exclusivity is an important part of being a member of a BNI Surrey Hills. There is only ever one member of a profession or specialist area in the room, effectively locking out your competition, if you become a member.

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Develop your networking and business skills using the BNI Business Builder, available to members only.
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Weekly podcast with Dr. Ivan Misner, discussing topics of interest to the thousands of BNI members globally.

BNI Connect

An online social media platform for BNI Members only. Connect with the different BNI members everywhere.

Traffic Lights

Use our traffic lights system to review how you're chapter is doing and how much you're contributing.