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Exploring New Horizons: Highlights from the Latest BNI Surrey Hills Meeting

In the heart of Reigate, a vibrant and forward-moving chapter of BNI, previously known as BNI Sutton, is on the brink of an exciting transformation. The recent meeting of this dynamic group unveiled a series of noteworthy updates and initiatives poised to enrich both current members and spark the interest of potential newcomers. Let’s dive into the highlights that make BNI Surrey Hills a beacon for business networking.

A New Chapter Unfolds: BNI Surrey Hills

The announcement of the chapter’s name change to BNI Surrey Hills marks a significant milestone. This rebranding reflects not only the chapter’s geographical roots but also its commitment to clarity and inclusivity, aiming to attract a broader spectrum of businesses and professionals within the Surrey Hills area and beyond.

International Networking Week: Member Plus One Initiative

With International Networking Week around the corner, BNI Surrey Hills is embracing the spirit of connection through the ‘Member Plus One’ initiative. Each member is encouraged to bring along a visitor, targeting specific business sectors to ensure a rich diversity of expertise and opportunities at their next gathering. It’s a fantastic time for non-members to experience the camaraderie and professional synergy that BNI Surrey Hills offers.

Farewell and New Beginnings

The chapter bid farewell to Michael Dooley, a valued member, as he ventures into new professional horizons. This departure reminds us of the transient yet impactful nature of networking groups where every member’s journey contributes to the collective narrative.

Engagement and Excellence

Attendance trends and the commitment to participation have been spotlighted, underlining the essence of engagement in fostering a thriving referral network. Upcoming socials, like the Curry Night, and the compulsory training for new role-holders signal BNI Surrey Hills’ dedication to both professional growth and community building.

Recognizing Excellence

The meeting shone a light on the outstanding contributions of its members, with accolades for referrals given, Thank You for the Business (TYFTB) amounts, and visitors introduced. This acknowledgment serves as a testament to the chapter’s vibrant ecosystem where effort and results are celebrated.


Education and Empowerment

The education slot, expertly delivered by Simon Cripps, offered invaluable insights on enhancing the impact of members’ 60-second presentations. Through the use of structured approaches like AIDA and PAS, members are equipped to showcase their expertise compellingly.

Looking Ahead

With a clear vision for the future, BNI Surrey Hills is not just a networking group; it’s a community where professionals thrive, grow, and succeed together. Whether you’re seeking to expand your business, learn from the best, or contribute to a collective success story, BNI Surrey Hills welcomes you to be part of their journey.

For those intrigued by the prospect of joining a network that values progress, connection, and mutual success, BNI Surrey Hills represents a golden opportunity. The doors are open, the community is welcoming, and the possibilities are endless. Join us at our next meeting to witness the power of networking and collaboration in action.